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Google introduced an algorithmic update which was named as Panda.

This was designed to maintain high quality website search. Google Panda targeted websites with low quality search and removed such contents completely. This Google Panda mainly aimed to reinforce the quality of search results and to fight against the low quality contents. After the introduction of Panda, many of the websites that had high ranking are been dropped because of their low quality web content.
Google Panda has put break to the websites that use iniquitous and illegal SEO strategies. Using spam contents, duplicate contents or junk contents is not allowed by Google Panda. Now Google will only display content of the website that is popular and original. This is of much helpful to internet users as they don’t have to waste time looking into useless websites, instead they will be directed to the popular, original and genuine websites where they can get whatever information they were looking for.

Now it has become very necessary for people to make changes in their websites and check their SEO strategies according to Google Panda if they want to maintain their website ranking. If one wants their website to have high rank then they have to follow Panda rules or else they will be knocked down any time.

This article discusses few points that will help your website to go through Google Panda and you maintain good SEO strategies.

Google Panda ideas

• Quality is important: See that your website is not filled with unwanted or duplicate contents. Don’t just concentrate on filling the website with contents but keep in mind the contents your filling in your website are original and genuine. When choosing the contents for your website, choose high quality contents that will help to maintain your website ranking also. The high quality contents will automatically attract number of readers to your website and they will visit your website again and again for more contents. Maintaining high quality web content is the basic rule of SEO strategy.

• Duplication is illegal: Main goal of Google Panda is to remove the websites with duplicate contents or junk contents. So it is imperative to avoid duplicate contents in your website. Duplication always ends up in low quality content and it’s illegal to copy content from other websites. If Google Panda finds any kind of duplication in your website then it will be banned. If at all you need content of some other website, then you will have to take their permission before copying it and do it in a legal way. So keep in mind avoiding duplicate content is the second step of SEO strategy.

• Use quality keywords: In a web content keywords are very important. While choosing keywords see that you choose high quality keywords. The keywords used should be very effective so that whenever anyone search for any kind of information they get it quickly based on the keywords. So using good and quality keyword is the third and important step of SEO strategy.

If you follow these SEO strategies while creating websites then it will be helpful to maintain your website from Google Panda.

espresso, espresso beans, coffee

Bins of coffee beans stretch out in seemingly endless rows. The grinder has too many settings and you are not sure of the difference between a French roast and an Italian one.

How do you know which beans make the best espresso?

espresso, espresso beans, coffee

espresso, espresso beans, coffee

It is best to start with the basics. Cappuccinos and lattes are variations on espresso. They differ only in their ratio of espresso to steamed milk. Neither requires its own separate kind of bean.

The uneducated consumer could easily be overwhelmed by trying to chose from the multitude of beans on the market, but do not despair. Sellers sometimes take advantage of the common misconception that there is a multiplicity of beans to give the impression of a large and varied inventory. In reality, only two kinds of beans are available commercially: Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is grown at high altitudes, a minimum of 2,400 feet above sea level, and has a smooth, slightly acidic taste. It is generally grown in eastern Africa and Central and South America. Robusta is grown in lower altitudes and has a more forceful, slightly bitter taste. It can be found in Southeast Asia, central Africa and Latin America.

All roasters subscribe to their own methods and beliefs about roasting, but in the basic process the green, raw coffee bean is exposed to temperatures of 480 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, usually for seven to 12 minutes. The heat tampers with the natural acidity and bitterness of the bean. The longer the roasting time, the more bitter and the less acidic the beans become.

There is no one right way to roast or grind beans for espresso. In fact, espresso is usually made with a blend of beans of different colors and consistencies. It is not uncommon for different geographical areas to favor a specific blend. For example, in northern Italy, they prefer espresso roast in the medium range, while California tastes lean toward the darker, French roast.

The chances of getting fresh beans in a supermarket are slim to none, and that is a fact when talking about pre ground coffee.

Your best bet is to pay close attention to the expiration date on the package. When buying from a coffee house, the best way to guarantee freshness is to get the most popular, fastest-selling bean. The quicker the bean sells, the faster more will have to be roasted, increasing your odds of getting the most freshly roasted beans. Ideal freshness results from grinding your own fresh roasted beans immediately before brewing.

It is also important to consider the time lapses in the roasting-grinding-brewing time cycle of coffee. The condition of the equipment used and the quality of the water are also important factors. No doubt the debate over what constitutes the best beans will be endless, but in the end it is only a matter of taste.

Discover the Benefits of Green Tea


Do you know, the people around the world searching the term “Green Tea” in Google for 40,000 times for every month?

This clearly implies that the green tea is the most favorable tea out of three types of tea viz., Green, Black and Oolong. Green tea is the mostly preferred tea by the world population due to its numerous beneficial effects.

Green tea can readily be comparable with spinach, broccoli, carrots, or strawberries due to its anti-oxidant property. The main ingredients include theanine, polyphenols, antioxidants, Tannin, catechin, minerals and vitamins.

Green tea provides sweet news for diabetic patient since it reduces the blood sugar, if it has been taken 4-5 cups daily but without sugar. The presence of Fluorine in the green tea is highly used in preventing cavities in the teeth especially in the school going children.

The antiviral property of the green tea is utilized to control AIDS among the human population also (University of Tokyo, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2003). It is also confirmed through a study that flavanoids present in this beverage is having a property of controlling the blood platelets in clotting process and thereby it prevents the occurrence of heart attack among the chronic tea drinkers.

Not only the health benefits but also the green tea can be used in refrigerator to driven out the bad smell noticed in the refrigerator. This can be achieved by placing two or three used tea bags in the refrigerator overnight. The bad smell is no longer noticed in the refrigerator.

Green tea helps a lot for weight loss by increasing the level of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (burning of body fat to create heat). Catechins in the green tea help to inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells. This prevents high insulin spikes and the subsequent fat storage.

As bottom line, green tea helps you with weight loss by suppressing your appetite, regulating your blood sugar, boosting your metabolic rate and giving you something else besides that high calorie.

It’s not magic- Green tea definitely boost your health and reduce your weight!

Green Tea

Green Tea

Wishing you the best of health!!!

Coffee Class


Coffee a necessity, an addiction, a drug whatever it is to you, let us take you on a journey to discover the art of the perfect coffee.

Coffee is one of the worlds most popular beverages with a reported 1 billion plus cups consumed each year.

The majority of commercial coffee comes from two species of coffee beans the Coffea robusta and Coffea arabica however there are about 25 species worldwide that produce beans.

The robusta bean is generally used in espresso blends and instant coffee. It is a high yielding plant and thus its beans are cheaper. It is also high in caffeine, about twice as potent as the arabica.

Arabica produces a full-bodied rich coffee, which connoisseurs consider superior.

Much coffee that is consumed is ground. The size of the grinds is critical in determining the quality of the drink.

Finely ground coffee is similar in texture to confectioner’s sugar and the resulting brew is heavy and rich, ideal for espresso. However, if it is too finely ground it slows the brewing process and produces a bitter taste.

Medium ground coffee, which is used for automatic drip brewing, should feel like beach sand.

And coarse ground coffee which has the texture of coarse salt is ideally suited to the percolator. If it is too coarse however the resultant coffee will be weak and watery due to brewing to quickly.

Then there is the quick and easy instant coffee, which is made from blending, roasting and grinding the beans into a soluble powder.

Years ago, you just had coffee. But now there are heaps of choices, each with it’s on distinct personality.

Espresso aka Short Black 20ml of strong, black coffee served with a layer of ‘crema’ on top.

Affogato (which means to drown) a coffee ice-cream. Two thirds a glass of ice-cream with two shots of espresso poured over top.

Caffe latte (which means coffee with milk) is an espresso topped up with steamed milk and a little froth on top.

Cappuccino is an espresso, topped with two thirds steamed milk and one third froth. Then with a dusting of drinking chocolate on top.

Long Black hot water is added and then espresso on top.

Macchiato (which means stained) is simply an espresso with a dash of warm milk.

Mocha is an espresso blended with drinking chocolate and topped with frothed milk.

In recent years coffee has become very social and at times it can appear a little over-whelming. At least now, next time you “go out for coffee” you will know which one to order.

"One Niche You're Rich"


Have you found yourself wondering why you are overwhelmed? There is so much material on the Internet regarding Internet marketing. If a person tries to digest all of it at one time, they will will experience a bad case of online marketing indigestion. This is not a good feeling to have. I have had these feelings before as well.

The solution to this issue is to narrow your focus on one niche. You see it is much easier to become an expert in one area rather than two or more areas. I have made a decision to devote my time to making money on the Internet. There are countless ways to make money in this world today. You can make money in real estate, the stock market, by owning your own offline business and in numerous other ways. But the people who really do well in this world financially are known primarily for one thing. Bill Gates in known for Microsoft. Warren Buffett is known as a stock expert. Donald Trump is known for real estate. I am sure that they have other things that they focus on now but they are known as being experts in a certain field. What do you focus on? Many things or one thing? I am willing to bet that if your answer is many you are in a state of Internet marketing disconbobulation. Find something you like doing and become an expert at it. The trick is to find something you like doing that is profitable financiallly. This is the secret to making money on the net.

If there is a market for your product, you can sell it. Do a search on google and see how many results your area of focus will bring up. If you use keywords, you will get better results. The more targeted the results the better. It is easy to develop a product when you are an expert in that area because you know something that your buyers don’t. You are the expert and they are not. They will pay large sums of money to acquire your expertise.

As marketers we must understand that our time is extremely valuable and the more we focus on too many things, the more time that is wasted. This time could be better spent focusing on one niche. It takes time to learn what your niche market wants. After you learn what they want, give the people what they desire. If your child wants a piece of pizza and you give them fish that would cause sadness in their hearts. They may cry and be upset with you. In the same way, if you give your target market something different then what they are asking for they will remove themselves from your list or no longer associate with you.

So use your time wisely and learn what your target market wants. Once you have determined what they want, if you do not already have a product created to meet their needs create one. Remember what they have told you and use the desires of their hearts as your blueprint to create an excellent information product.

Your job as the expert is to provide the answers to the questions that your target market is asking. You answer their questions with your products and you will be seen as an expert by them. You can also become qualified as an expert by creating a blog about your niche market. You can have your readers post their questions on your blog. Answer their questions on your blog and they will also begin to view you in a different light. This will prove to them that you care about what they have to say. People buy more easily when they trust the person they are buying from. A blog is a great way to create an atmoshpere of trust. You can also build a great deal of rapport with your market in this way as well. You can get to know your market on your blog and they can get to know you. An excellent method to implement to accomplish this is simply to be open with your life. Talk about your family and life on the blog and you will find that your market is more likely to talk about their family.

You now have a number of concepts to implement in your Internet business right now. The key is to go out and do them. You will be greatly rewarded if you do. One niche can indeed make you rich.

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